Playlist 25.01.2015  "Neuvorstellungen & Infos"

In der Regel sind nur die gesendeten Neuvorstellungen auf der Playlist. Alle anderen gesendeten Songs sind nicht extra aufgeführt ! ( the list includes only the very new stuff we were playing, not all songs of the show !)

ARA - Devourer of Worlds - Jerupitus, the Blood-Drenched

ARCHGOAT - The Apocalyptic Triumphator - Arch Goat - Grand Luciferian Theophany

BESTIAL INVASION - Silent Wonders - Damien (Morbid Saint cover)/ Silent Wonders

CRACK HOUSE - The Hits Just Keep On Coming - March Of The Crackhead

DIABLO BLVD - Follow The Deadlights (Single)

DRÅP - En Naturlig Död - Höstmörker

DYSNOMIA - Dysnomia - In new form

EVISORAX - Goodbye to the feast... welcome to the famine - Blood fucking blisters

FJØRT - Daccord - Passepartout

GYPSY - Twisted Levity - The Shoemaker

HEAVING EARTH - Denouncing the Holy Throne - Worms Of Rusted Congregation

INCURSED - Elderslied - Raging Wyverns

INGURGITATING OBLIVION - Continuum Of Absence - Offering

INQUISITION - Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan(Re-Release) - For Lucifer My Blood

KEVLAR SKIN - Transmigrato - Self Proclaimed God

LARS ERIC MATTSON - No Surrender - Lady Death

LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK - Noise in the church - Salvation(live)

MELECHESH - Multiple Truths (Single)

NANGILIMA - The Dark Matter - Stain of a Broken Life

ORDEN OGAN - Ravenhead - The Lake

SHREDHEAD - Death is Righteous - Death Is Righteous

SOLEFALD - World Metal Kosmopoli - World Music with Black Edges

VARGSHEIM - Träume Der Schlaflosen - Massenmenschen

WEEDEATER - Jason… The Dragon(Re-Release) - Turkey Warlock