Playlist 24.03.2013  "Neuvorstellungen & Infos" (Moderatoren Ozzi & Sturm)

In der Regel sind nur die gesendeten Neuvorstellungen auf der Playlist. Alle anderen gesendeten Songs sind nicht extra aufgeführt ! ( the list includes only the very new stuff we were playing, not all songs of the show !)

ZOMBIEFICATION - At The Caves Of Eternal - In The Shadowed Garden
REVEL IN FLESH - Manifested Darkness - Torment in Fire
IN UTERO CANIBALISM - Sick - Dead Nation
YEARS OF THE TYRANTS - Leading the Blind - Through infamy
AETHERNAEUM - Wanderungen durch den Daemmerwald - Zur Mittwinternacht
ASENBLUT - Von Worten und Taten - Die letzte Schlacht der Fünften
AOSOTH - An Arrow In Heart - One With The Prince With A Thousand Enemies
LUX DIVINA - Possessed By Telluric Feelings - and an intense feeling of misanthropy
DARK RING - Reborn_from_the_Inferno - Dark Ring
BIRTH AD - I Blame You -  No Jobs (Don't Work)/ This Scene Sucks
SMOHALLA + OMEGA CENTAURI - SPLIT - Tellur Epitome - SMOHALLA - La main d' Abel
TEMPLE OF THIEVES - Passing Through The Zer0s - Bullet in the Chamber
THE MOTH GATHERER - A Braight Celestial Light - A Road Of Gravel And Skulls
CATHEDRAL - The Last Spire - Cathedral of the Damned
AVANTASIA - The Mystery of Time - Invoke the Machine
STRATOVARIUS - Nemesis - Abandon
AMORPHIS - Circle - Hopeless Days
ROTTING CHRIST - Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy - Welcome to Hell
SAXON - Sacrifice - Guardians of the Tomb
EYEFEAR - The Inception Of Darkness - Transcending
ASTRONOMIKON - Dark Gorgon Rising - Son of Seriphos
GLORYHAMMER - Tales From The Kingdom Of Fire - Magic Dragon/Amulet of Justice
GAMMA RAY - Skeletons And Majesties - Deathrone Tyranny
DR. LIVING DEATH - Radioactive Intervention - Suffering
HATRIOT - Heroes Of Origin - Weapons of Class Destruction
ESSENCE - Last Night Of Solace - Final Eclipse
SACRED STEEL - The Bloodshed Summoning - Under the Banner of Blasphemy
PESSIMIST - Death From Above - Don´t Care/Death from Above
FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING - The Art Of Coming Apart - A Silence Dressed in Black
LIFELESS - Godconstruct - Moribund
ICONS OF BRUTALITY - Between Glory and Despair - Built to Grind
KRYPTS - Unending Degradation - Blessed Entwinement
SULPHUR AEON - Swallowed By The Ocean´s Tide - Those Who dwell in Stellar Void
SYNDROM - Iconoclasm - Black Dawn
HEAVEN SHALL BURN - Veto - Land of the Upright Ones
NEAERA - Ours Is The Storm - Decolonize the Mind
SIX FEET UNDER - Unborn - Zombie Blood Curse
HYPOCRISY - End Of Disclosure - Disclosure
IMPERIUM DEKADENZ - Meadows Of Nostalgia - Tränen des Bacchus/Aue der Nostalgie
MEPHORASH - Chalice Of Thagirion - Corpus Christi
NEGATOR - Gates To The Pantheon - Carnal Malefactor