Playlist 23.01.2013  "Neuvorstellungen & Infos" (Moderator Niki)

In der Regel sind nur die gesendeten Neuvorstellungen auf der Playlist. Alle anderen gesendeten Songs sind nicht extra aufgeführt ! ( the list includes only the very new stuff we were playing, not all songs of the show !)

BLOODBOUND - In The Name of Metal - Bonebreaker
PYTHIA - The Serpentīs Curse - Long live the King
JORN - Symphonic - The Worls I see
ATTIC - The Invocation - Edlyn
FORCENTURY - Revelant - The Shroud
HELLOWEEN - Straight out of Hell - Straight out of Hell
GAMMA RAY - Skeletons and Majesties - Rise (live)
PERTNESS - Frozen Time - Farewell to Past
PARADOX - Tales of the Weird - The Downward Spiral
MORS PRINCIPIUM EST - ...and Death said Live - I will Return
BLYND - Punishment Unfolds - Never for the Fallen
BLUTMOND - The Revolution is Dead! - Birds of Prey
DEAD BEYOND BURIED - The Dark Era - The Dark Era
DAEMONICUS - Deadwork - From Alife to Dead Life
INDESINENCE - Vessels of Light and Decay - Vanished is the Haze
ALTAR OF PAIN - Severe Scourge - Scriptorium
INNER SANCTUM - Christi Testamenta - Return to the Eve
SEPTIC FLESH - Mystic Places of Dawn - The Pale Beauty of the Past
HATE - Solarflesh - Festivak of Slaves
SUFFOCATION - Pinnacle Of Bedlam - As Grace Descends
MAVETH - Coils of the Black Earth - Terminus I (The Burning Offal of)/Sating Ericto
BRUTAL UNREST - Nemesis - World Eater
SULPHUR AEON - Swallowed by the Oceand Tide - Those who dwell in Stellar Void/Swallowed by the Oceans Tide
ZOMBIFIED - Carnage Slaughter And Death - Withering Souls
FUNEBRARUM - The Sleep of Morbid Dreams - Grave Reaper
APOCRYFAL - Ravens - The Script
DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT - Necrovision - Coronated Spheres of Adversity
SONIC REIGN - Monument in Black - Soul Flagellation
EISREGEN - Krebskollektion - Scharlachrotes Kleid 2012
NOCTE OBDUCTA - Das Schweigen zwischen den Sternen - Kerkerwelten