Playlist 20.10.2010  " Neuvorstellungen &  Infos " (Moderator Niki)

In der Regel sind nur die gesendeten Neuvorstellungen auf der Playlist. Alle anderen gesendeten Songs sind nicht extra aufgefόhrt ! ( the list includes only the very new stuff we were playing, not all songs of the show !)


NION – Wizard & Sage  (Firebird)

MONSTER MAGNET – Bored with Society  (Mastermind)

GRAND MAGUS – At Midnight they΄ll get wise  (Hammer of the North)

KATRA – Delirium  (Out of thes Ashes)

DARKSEED – Striving for Fire  (Poison Awaits)

VOICES OF DESTINY – Twisting the Knife  (From the Ashes)

EDENBRIDGE – Come Undone  (Solitaire)

TARJA – I walk Alone  ( What lies Beneath)

KIVIMETS N DRUIDI –Seawitch and the Sorcerer  (Betrayal, Justice, Revenge)

ATROCITY feat YASMIN – Black Mountain  (After the Storm)

APOKALYPTICA feat DAVE LOMBARDO – 2010  (7th Symphony)

JALDABOATH – Da Vinci΄s Code  (Rise of the Heraldic Beasts)

EMERALD – The One  (Re-Forged)

RANDY PIPER΄S – L.U.S.T.  (Virus)

ANDRE MATOS – Rio  (Time to be Free)

MISTERIA – Killing the Pain  (Dragon Fire)

MASTERCASTLE – Last Desire  (Last Desire)

ALLEN LANDE – The Showdown /-Turn all into Gold  (The Showdown)

REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE – Marching with the Fools  (Trinity)

AVANTASIA – Scales of Justice  (The Wicked Symphony)

SAVAGE CIRCUS – Empire  (Of Doom and Death)

IRON FIRE – Left for Dead /-Riding the Hell  (Metalmorphized)

PERTNESS – Walk Alone  (From the Beginning to the End)

BURDEN OF GRIEF – Follow the Flames /-Doomed to Fall  (Follow the Flames)

DEMONICA – Demon Class  (Demonstrous)

REZET – Toxic Avenger (Have Gun, will Travel)

THE PROPHECY – Mind your own Shit  (To the Pit)

DEATHFIST – Demons  (Too hot to Burn)

ANACRUSIS – Frigid Bitch /-Silent Crime  (Hindsight)

NEKROMANTHEON – Point of no Return  (Divinity of Death)

MERCILESS DEATH – Sick Santities  (Sick Santities)

MASTER – The Lack of Space  (The Human Machine)

MALEVOLENT CREATION – Ladsplitter /-Corruptor  (Invidous Dominion)

NEKRONOMICON – Into the Fire /-The Awakening  (The Return of the Witch)

DISBELIEF – The Last Force Attack  (Heal)

MAMMUTANT – Atomizer  (Atomizer)

EISREGEN – N8 Verzehr  (Schlangensonne)

TRIPTYKON – A thousand Lies  (Epasteria Daimones)

THULCANDRA – Everlasing Fire  (Fallen Angel΄s Dominion)

VALDUR – Berserrker   (Raven God Amongst us)

UNLIGHT – By the Seventh Spell /- Sound fourth the Trumpets  (Sulphurblooded)

KIVIMETS N DRUIDI – Of Betrayal  (Betrayal, Justice, Revenge)