playlist 18.06.2008 "Baden in Blut Special" / "Party-San Special 2008" / NEUERSCHEINUNGEN

Baden in Blut Special mit Stefan von den  Metal Maniacs Markgräflerland

Wolfchant - I am War

Darkmoon - My Misery

End of Green - Weakness

Deadlock - As Words to Bullets

Stormlord - Mare Nostrum: And the Wind Shall Scream My Name

God Dethroned - The Warcult

Mystic Prophecy - Evil Empires

Destruction - Curse the Gods

Party-San Special 2008

Hail of Bullets - Nachthexen

Vreid - Eldast Utan A Gro

Impaled Nazarene - Ugra Karma

Behemoth - Conquer All

Endstille - Dominanz

Koldbrann - Djevelens Treskeverk

Bolt Thrower - Mercenary

new release artist-album-song/song-label

Esoteric - The Maniacal Vale - Beneath This Face - Season of Mist

Arkan - Hilal - Chaos Cypher/Groans of the Abyss - Season of Mist

Naer Mataron - Praetorians -Sol Invictus/Death cast a Shadow over You - Season of Mist

Lacrimas Profundere - Songs for the Last View - A Pearl - Napalm Records

Elevener - When Kaleidoscopes Collide - Say if You want - AOR Heaven/Germusica

Michael Viscera - A Sign of Things to Come - Between Heaven and Hell - Metal Heaven/Germusica