Playlist 06.10.2010  " Neuvorstellungen &  Infos " (Moderator Niki)

In der Regel sind nur die gesendeten Neuvorstellungen auf der Playlist. Alle anderen gesendeten Songs sind nicht extra aufgeführt ! ( the list includes only the very new stuff we were playing, not all songs of the show !)


ANGBAND – The Seeker  (Visions of The Seeker)                                                             

MICHAEL KISKE & AMANDA SOMMERVILLE – If I had a wish  (Kiske/Sommerville)

NERVERLAND – Silence the Wolves  (Ophidia)

CATAMENIA – Quantity of Sadnes  (Calvacade)

CRYSTALLION – A Cry in the Night  (Hundred Days)

EMERALD – Alteration  (Re-Forged)

REVOLUTION RENAISANCE – The World doesn’t get to me (Trinity)

IRON FIRE – The Underworld  (Metalmorphosized)

EDENBRIDGE – Higher  (Solitaire)

VOICES OF DESTINY – Icecold  (From the Ashes)

GRAVE DIGGER – Paid in Blood / - Rebels  (The Clans will Rise again)

JALDABOATH – Jack Demole  (Rise of the Heraldic Beasts)

PERTNESS –  Invisible Chains  (From the Beginning)

DREAMLAND – Shotest Straw  ( Exit 49)

SABATON – Coat of Arms  (Coat of Arms)

BLIND GUARDIAN – A Voice in the Dark  (At the Edge of Time)

SAVAGE CIRCUS – Devil´s Spawn  (Of Doom and Death)

ICY STEEL – Holy Sun  (As the God´s Command)

BURDEN OF GRIEF – Burning Red Eyes  (Follow the Flames)

DEMONICA – Ghost Hunt  (Demonstrous)

MERCILESS DEATH – Ritualof the Black Host  (Sick Senetities)

DEATHFIRST – Prey / - Slay her / - Apotheosis  (Too hot to Burn)

NECROMANTHEON – Devolutionary Storm / Gringo Death  (Divinity of Death)

MALEVOLENT CREATION – Atagonized  (Invidious Dominion)

DECREPTH BIRTH – Metatron   (Polarity)

THULCANDRA – Night Fallen / -Fallen Angel´s Dominion  (Fallen Angel´s Dominion) 

UNLIGHT – Become an Opponent / -Pale Rider, Pale Horse  ( Sulphurblooded)

EISREGEN – Blute aus  (Schlangensonne)

NOX AUREA – Ascending in Triumph  (Ascending in Triumph)

IMPERIUM DEKADENZ – An Autumn Serenade  (Procella Vadens)

KEEP OF KALESSIN –  The Dragontower  (Single)

EQILIBRIUM _ Der ewige Sieg  (Rekreatur)

DARK FUNERAL – My Funeral  (Angelus Exuro pro Eternus)

BEHEMOTH – Horns of Baphomet  (Zos Kia Cultus)

BLOODBATH – Earthrot  (The Fathomless Mastery)

HYPOCRISY – Scrutinized  (Virus)

AMON AMARTH – Dead in Fire  (Versus the World)

BOLT THROWER – Tank  (…For Victory)

DISBELIEF – The Eyes of Horror   (Heal)