Playlist 06.03.2013  "Neuvorstellungen & Infos" (Moderator Ozzi & Sturm)

In der Regel sind nur die gesendeten Neuvorstellungen auf der Playlist. Alle anderen gesendeten Songs sind nicht extra aufgeführt ! ( the list includes only the very new stuff we were playing, not all songs of the show !)

THYRFING - de Üdesl Üsa - mot helgrind
ETHERIAL ARCHITECT - monolith - kalinago

THE NEW BLACK III - Cut Loose - Antidote
OCTOBER TIDE - Tunnel Of No Light - Watching The Drowners
INTRONAUT - Habitual Levitations - Milk Leg
A TRANSYLVANIAN FUNERAL - Gorgos Goetia - Light Cast Out
NOCTE OBDUCTA - Umbriel (Das Schweigen Zwischen Den Sternen)- Mehr Hass
POSSESSOR - city build with skulls - slicer
BLEED FROM WITHIN - Uprising - Colony
JUNGLE ROT - Terror Regime - Terror Regime
DAMNATION ANGELS - Bringer Of Light - Bringer Of Light
DEADLANDS - Evilution Path - Weve Chosen
DEEZ NUTS - Bout It - Shot After Shot
EPITOME OF FRAIL - Society - Society
ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW - Saivon Lapsi - Legion Of Beast
FINNTROLL - Blodsvept - Skogsdotter
IMPALERS - Power Behind The Throne - Nuclear Nights
LUNA AD NOCTUM  - Hypnotic Inferno Fear Technique
MOLLY HATCHET - Paying Tribute - Sharp Dressed Man
GREAT WHITE - Ready For Rock n Roll - Again And Again
OCEANS OF SLUMBER - Aetherial - Remedy
LORDI - To Beast Or Not To Beast - We re Not Bad For The Kids We re Worse
STRATOVARIUS - nemesis - unbreakable
THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY - Requiem For Us All - Arise